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Garden Grid Modì: grids for lawn and gravel

The Modì Garden Grid is a modular system, made from UV-resistant recyclable HDPE, studied, PATENTED (Industrial invention and Design) and created by Claudioforesi srl. The Modì Garden Grid can be used on both new and established lawns, on sand bases, or to create gravel surfaces.       GARDEN GRID MODI': GRIDS FOR LAWN AND GRAVEL EXCEPTIONAL : thanks to [...]

Roof Garden Modì

The innovative 50 - 90 mm Modì have been designed for three different uses. They can be used for crawl space, for the protection of walls in contact with the ground, and for creating rooftop gardens. The Modì Roof Garden is an efficient way of increasing the general well-being of our cities' environments, because: It brings climatic [...]

Mould for Concrete and Grass Modì: outdoor floor

The Modì Mould for Concrete and Grass  is used in order to realize of a outdoor floor with reinforced concrete in work. It get a monolithic insole,  driveway and drainage. The empty spaces created in the compact shapes of the mould enable to make grassy the areas in which this product is positioned. MOULD FOR CONCRETE AND [...]