Project Description

roof garden modì
The innovative 50 – 90 mm Modì have been designed for three different uses. They can be used for crawl space, for the protection of walls in contact with the ground, and for creating rooftop gardens.

The Modì Roof Garden is an efficient way of increasing the general well-being of our cities’ environments, because:

  • It brings climatic advantages;
  • It helps regulate water, through its accumulation and retention, and through the return of a small percentage of this water, to the environment;
  • It reduces outside noise pollution;
  • It improves the look of our ever-gloomier, and ever-more concretely built, cities.

Furthermore, the Modì roof garden reduces maintenance costs, since the entire area covered is protected from the sun’s direct rays, bad weather, and seasonal temperature variation. In this way the roof gains a thermal protection, and its expected life is increased.



  • ECOLOGY: it is made from recycled plastic;
  • EXTRAORDINARILY stable, practical, and quick to assemble, due to its easy-to-use attachment system (an unskilled worker can lay or remove more 80 m²/hour );
  • HIGH waterproofing protection, thanks to the staggered layout of the Modì‘s feet, which have large, circular, support surfaces;
  • PRACTICAL: pipes can pass through the empty cavity between the waterproofing and the ground;
  • SUITABLE for use with any type of watertight facing, without damaging it, thanks to its completely smooth, large, circular feet;
  • HIGH level of drainage of rainwater, thanks to the number of holes allowing it to run through;
  • PERFECT hole diameter, which does not allow the root to pass below the Modì system;
  • UNBELIEVABLE resistance to compression more than 10,000 kg/m² , allowing it, when dry, to stand up even to heavy loads (such as small rubber-tyred loaders, mini-excavators etc.). It works as loading sharing out and distributing of the ground over;
  • EFFICIENT water tanks, providing plants with a constant water supply, allowing them to grow, problem-free;
  • ETERNAL: Modì will not deteriorate, even if attacked by mould and bacteria, or by chemical agents, such as fertiliser;
  • VERSATILE: it can even be assembled on roofs with a slope greater than 15%, by laying Modì Paving Grill onto the Modì Roof Garden, to hold the soil in place;  –

      Technical data sheet sloping Roof Garden Modì

  • EFFECTIVE: thanks to special attachment system that follows the different sloping or curved surfaces;
  • EASY to shape with a saw or grinding-disc.


roof garden modì



roof garden modì


  • Flat or sloping, intensive or extensive, roof gardens
  • Flat roofs for houses, factories, garages etc.
  • Sloping, even to an angle greater than 15%, green roofs, using our Modì garden grid to hold the soil in place  –

      Technical data sheet sloping Roof Garden Modì

  • Playground areas
  • Pavements and small roads that may be subjected to erosion caused by flowing water
  • Parking areas can be created by applying the Modì garden grid onto the Modì Roof Garden
  • Anywhere requiring release from pressure caused by phreatic layers.

The elements of Roof Garden Modì can be applied as Crawl Spaces Modì and Protection of Ground Walls Modì

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