Project Description

The Evolution System Modì is the new solution for the realization of aerated crawl spaces , from seize 701 mm to 3000 mm.
The Evolution System Modì includes the use of a modular element of the plan dimensions 710 x 710 mm made of recycled polypropylene, applied on PVC pipes, of variable height and diameter, inserted into the support bases. equipped with spacers which ensure the correct positioning on the ground of the tubes. For the correct positioning of the tubes, the System Evolution is equipped with special spacers.
Pipes of diameter 100 and 125 mm (thickness about 2 mm) to the height 2000 mm, diameter 140 mm (thickness about 2 mm) to the height 2600 mm, and diameter 140 mm (thickness about 3 mm) to the height 3000 mm.
The Evolution System Modì is ideal for the creation of aerated crawl spaces and tanks of rainwater harvesting.


  • SIMPLE: thanks to the modularity of the elements, light weight and easy to install.
  • FAST: quick implementation of the support of PVC pipes, as the bases are locked to each other by suitable spacers are easy to apply and if you want to retrieve the spacers, they can be attached to the floor with nails and then remove to be used again.
  • VERSATILE: possibility to use pipes of different diameter in order to choose the most suitable diameter to the type of realization and simultaneously optimize the costs of realization; possibility of supporting cargo and reach heights up to 2.6 meters limit; greater distance between the pipes thanks to the step from 710 x 710 mm, for a better comfort of inspection in all directions.
  • ECONOMIC: the smaller number of elements to be installed; the minimum number of tubes to be applied and the minimum number of support bases, allow a saving of time during assembly. Furthermore, the spacers Modì not being bound to the bases can be recovered and reused; smaller number of irons to arm the columns (when this is needed); lower consumption of concrete per square meter; high stacking.
  • Preparing the ground for laying and realization of the substrate;
  • Positioning the support bases Modì as the assembly diagram. To facilitate the installation of the support base and to ensure proper alignment of the bases with respect to the installation pattern, use the spacers Modì;
  • Positioning of PVC pipes in the seats of the support bases Modì;
  • Positioning of the Evolution System Modì modular elements as assembly diagram;
  • Possibility to cut to fit the modular elements of the Evolution System Modì;
  • Prepare the strips of wood to support the modular elements of the Evolution System Modì that have been cut to size;
  • Prepare the strips of polystyrene along the semiperimeter where you started the assembly to prevent the passage of concrete. The 1st strip should be cut to 81 cm;
  • Lay the mesh on the size indicated by structural calculations, possibly adding the irons inside the PVC pipes to arm the concrete pillars;
  • Take the utmost care to cast the concrete over the domes of the elements and never directly inside the tubes.

evolution system modì crawl spaces elevated


  • The ventilated crawl space created with the Evolution System Modì be walked ashore. For heights greater than one meter should be evaluated from time to time the opportunity to use wooden walkways or other appropriate security safeguards.
  • Making the concreting placing the pump on the dome, before filling the tubes and then completing over to the height of the slab.
  • The installation must be performed by an operator on the ground; if the height to be implemented does not allow, it is appropriate to use the stairs and in each case evaluate the need to use appropriate security safeguards during assembly.
  • Do not put on the crawl space mounted dry cargo yard (pallets, bags of cement, etc…).
  • PVC pipes have to be cut to size to be fitted in the bases and modules Evolution Modì. Moreover, the tubes must be blocked at the perimeter wall to prevent the modular elements from moving.
  • Necessary to assess from time to time through appropriate structural calculations the opportunity to arm the concrete pillars.
  • The casting of concrete in the crawl space should not be performed simultaneously with beams and curbs.
  • Possibility to realized ventilated slab that exceed 700 mm in height.
  • Total freedom in the realization of the desired slab seize, due to the possibility of PVC pipes cut to size in order minimizing the costs of realization.
  • Possibility of creating a single floor of in the background that has different heights.
  • Possibility of creating pools of rainwater harvesting.
  • Construction of rooms can be easily inspected by the considerable distance between the columns.

evolution system modì crawl spaces elevated


Necessary material for 1 square meter of crawl space:

  • n. 2 Evolution Modì modular elements with plan dimensions equal to 710 x 710 mm
  • n. 2 PVC pipes of appropriate diameter
  • n. 2 bases Modì
  • n. 4 spacers Modì

The exact amount of Evolution System Modì accessories (bases, pipes and spacers) may vary depending on the configuration of the surface.


  • The choice of the tube to use depends on two important factors:
    1) Height that you intend to realize
    2) Intended load on the crawl space made
  • To vary the diameter hypothesized the heights obtained are the following:
    – with pipe Ø 100 mm up to 150 cm
    – with pipe Ø 125 mm up to 200 cm
    – with pipe Ø 140 mm up to 260 cm

On request are available reach heights over 2600 mm up to 3000 mm, using the pipe diameter 140 mm  thickness 3 mm.


  • Concrete consumption for flush dome m3/m0,033
  • Concrete consumption per square meter for every meter of height of the tube
    Ø mm 100 m3/m2*m 0,014
    Ø mm 125 m3/m2*m 0,023
    Ø mm 140 m3/m2*m 0,029

Example of calculation of the consumption of concrete:

  • Surface sqm 1
  • Evolution System Modì height  cm 100
  • Evolution Modì modular elements height cm 15
  • Pipe height cm 85
  • Concrete consumption for flush dome m3/m0,033
  • Concrete consumption for filling of pillars with pipe Ø mm 100  m3/m2*m 0,014 * m 0,85 =  m3/m2 0,012
  • Total  m3/m2 0,045


evolution system modì crawl spaces elevated


The Evolution System Modì is also available in Crawl Spaces Modì for heights from 50 to 700 mm

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