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Modì Crawl Spaces is the ideal system for creating ventilated foundations made from recycled plastic material for new buildings and restructuring civil, industrial and businesses. Modì Crawl Spaces for ventilated foundations is studied, patented and produced by Claudioforesi s.r.l.

This ventilated foundation is interlocking and self locking; it can be walked on and it can resist the weight of the workers and of the slab before and during the concrete casting. The ventilated foundation helps protect the rooms from humidity and Radon gas (a cancerous gas), increasing comfort. Modì Crawl Spaces is ecological and it allows the use of lower amounts of gravel, thus helping to limit the excessive exploitation of quarries. Modì Crawl Spaces for ventilated foundations is economical not only for the savings in the use of concrete, also because it reduces the maintenance required for installation under its structure. Some heights are provided with a series of holes and slots in the dome which quickly facilitate the flow of water from the casting, thus accelerating the concrete hardening and drying process.

The shape and the profile of the legs of the Modì Crawl Space for ventilated foundations have been designed specifically in order to grant the utmost in strength and solidity.

H 50 – 90 – 130 – 160 – 200 – 250 – 270 – 300 – 350 – 400 – 450 – 500 – 550 – 600 – 650 – 700

Crawl Spaces Modì: ventilation system for refrigeration cells

  • EASY to assemble, allowing for a considerable reduction in construction time (an unskilled worker can lay over 80 m²/h).
  • SAVING 85% on the cost of reinforcement and removal of ventilated foundations thanks to the possibility  to cast beams, kerb stones and slabs at the same time using Modì accessories.
  • CHEAP when compared to traditional methods.
  • VERSATILE: it can be laid over any kind of foundation (including gravel, silica sand, ground and lean concrete etc.).
  • VENTILATION in all directions.
  • OPTIMAL isolation from Radon gas (a cancerous gas): Modì Crawl Spaces for ventilated foundation allows gas to escape through bi-directional holes with a diameter of 100 mm to be made on the beams and perimeter kerb stones every 2.5 or 3 meters.
  • EASY : Modì Crawl Spaces for ventilated foundations allows the insufflation of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon, for inerting, clearing the foundations of rats and as fire prevention.
  • HIGH LOAD CAPACITY  for industrial buildings and for exceptional overloads.
  • USEFUL: Modì Crawl Spaces for ventilated foundations has a sub-cavity that allows the passage of pipes and cables of various kinds (electrical cables, telephone wires, water pipes, heating pipes, water drainage pipes etc.). This ventilated foundation is easy to inspect over time, even if other pipes and cables need to be added. In particular, in Modì H 50 and H 90 models, the staggered arrangement of the pillars allows the elements to be shaped in any direction and allows the passage of tubes without compromising the mechanicalresistance.
  • INNOVATIVE hooking system of the Modì H 50 and H 90 models allows rapid assembly and guarantees the stability of the elements during the assembly and concrete casting phases.
  • EXCELLENT capacity of over 10,000 kg/ m² of Modì H 50 and H 90 and this allows the creation of a flat surface directly on top of the crawl spaces that can act as a pavement.
Crawl Spaces Modì: ventilation system for refrigeration cells


Modì CLOSING PLUG has been especially studied and patented to complete Modì Crawl Spaces for ventilated foundation (H130…500). It can be inserted on the sides of standard module to close it. In this way the concrete doesn’t penetrate into ventilated foundation. Thanks to their shape it is possible to apply the closure plugs to all Modì Crawl Spaces for ventilated foundation, for example the H 450 plug can also be used for the Modì 550…700, leaving a space at the bottom from 5 to 20 cm to allow the passage of pipes or it can be closed using a panel.

Crawl Spaces Modì: ventilation system for refrigeration cells


Modì HALF MODULE (H 130…450), together with the standard module, allow to cover almost all surfaces. It can be closed with the Panel Support.

Crawl Spaces Modì: ventilation system for refrigeration cells


Modì SUPPORT PANEL (H 130…450) manufactured and patented for closing and supporting the Modì Half Module (H 130…450). It can be also inserted inside the standard module (only for heights H130-250-270-350-450) to obtain internal ducts and pipes, for natural and artificial ventilation in predetermined directions. During the laying it’s necessary to fix  a wooden board to the ground about 10 cm wide and from 2.5 to 4 cm thick, between the half module and the support panel to block it during the casting.

Crawl Spaces Modì: ventilated foundation


Modì CASTING – ARREST PANEL is available for the standard modules (H 160…700) and facilitates the simultaneous casting of beams, kerb stones and floor slabs. It can reduce costs of reinforcement and prevents the concrete penetrating under Modì Crawl Spaces. Modì CASTING – ARREST PANEL can be cut to size to close the perimeter of Modì H 50 and H 90 Protection of ground walls to avoid of concrete entering.



The cold store is a place to preserve foods, where is necessary to maintain a stable temperature (-28 ° C and 18 ° C). It’s very important to create under and around the cold room a ventilation system, in fact in the design of the flooring the possible lifting of the same due to the freezing should be taken into account. Although the insulation is applied in the floor, the ground placed under the refrigeration cell at a low temperature with the passage of time becomes cold and if its temperature is lowered below freezing point, the water that it contains freezesexpands and can cause a rise in the ground level, causing damage to floors and elevated structures.

To prevent that the floor is lifted due to frost, a quantity of heat sufficient to maintain the soil temperature higher than that of freezing should be ensured, the safest and most economical constructive method to realize a ventilation system for cold rooms consists in use the Crawl Spaces Modì.

This modular formwork, interlocking and self-locking, walked on dry is capable of supporting the weight of the operators and the slab being cast. The perfect ventilation in all directions thus obtained, preserve the environment humidity and Radon gas (gas carcinogen). To guarantee a good ventilation system for cold storage it is necessary to connect the ventilated crawl space with the outside through the holes created in the retaining wall.  If in the foundation there are the curbs that divide the tank into different areas, you have to place the connecting pipes to ensure continuous ventilation of the foundation. The ventilation for cold rooms, to be effective, must have a height greater than 20 cm, otherwise reduced. The ventilated crawl spaces Modì allow to realize the walkable platform to support the concrete casting that will constitute the support surface of the cell. The screed must have a good planarity (tolerance +/- 15 mm) and above will be viable with forklift to allow the installation of the cold room. This ventilation system typically requires an excavation down to – 70 cm from the portion of the finished floor of the cell.


ventilation system for refrigeration cells



The Crawl Spaces Modì are also available in Evolution System Modì (aerated crawl spaces) and Protection of Ground Walls Modì

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