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Claudioforesi s.r.l. (LTD) established in 1979 by the Foresi family , is oriented civil and industrial building, developing innovative solutions and specializing in thermal and acoustic insulation spray and injection , and waterproofing with polyurethane ISOLPOL ® brand. Over the years, the company has developed and studied other products, promoting the marketing, design and research, up to the year 2000 with the development of products in recycled and recyclable plastic with the brand MODÌ ®.

In order to achieve greater business efficiency and increase production, in 2009 the company began molding of plastic products with the introduction of a highly automated plant for the recovery of plastics and a photovoltaic system. Claudioforesi s.r.l. stands out among the Italian companies that offer a complete production process, from the recovery of plastics to the production of manufactured goods.

The core business of Claudioforesi s.r.l. is to provide a final product characterized by:

  • High technical performance;
  • Lower costs in the use of building materials;
  • Always ensure our customers save money .

All thisrespecting the environmentand regulations.